3 Reasons Your Business Should Use Social Media Marketing

3 Reasons Your Business Should Use Social Media Marketing

There are many businesses who’ve read the title, and I can hear the knee-jerk reactions as if I’m there myself, “We’re already doing social media marketing!” Almost all of the responses I’m “hearing” are the exact sentence above; the only difference is in the mixture of tones. Some of the voices I hear are coming from a defensive tone, as if offended. “What? You think we’re stupid! Of course, it’s important!” Other voices are coming from a friendlier tone, but the message is essentially the same: “Thanks, but no thanks. We got this.”

It’s very easy to get side-tracked in business; there’sa lotgoing on. Sometimes we unconsciously undersell ourselves. Sometimes we oversell…probably after we undersold – alluding to an overcompensation the other way. More often, weunderestimate. As it pertains to social media marketing, businesses tend to check it like a box. “Ok…go to Staples for pens and printing paper: check. Pickup stamps at the grocery store: check. Check emails before bed: check. Oh, yeah…do some social media marketing before washing the dishes: check.”

Do professional quarterbacks ever study film while in the back of a cab? Actually, they might on their iPad, but the good ones are locked in a concrete room somewhere without distractions, and they’re putting in HOURS. Also, professional quarterbacks are…well…professionals…on topof putting in hours of time. The point is, social media marketing should come with a “Don’t Try This at Home” disclaimer. This disclaimer is for everyone doing more than fishing for vain attention, or those doing more than looking to get some followers for their Dungeons and Dragons hobby page.

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In business, social media marketing is do or die, and it should be done right if it’s to be done at all. The rest is a waste of time, which is among the Top 3 sins in any business (wasting time). Speaking of Top 3, here’s a list of three reasons your business should use social media marketing.

We challenge anyone to find a more cost-effective method of attaining engagement, dialing-in an audience, and getting your name out there than social media. Do yourself a favor, don’t try to prove us wrong, social media is a very cost-effective approach. Does social media do everything you could possibly wish to achieve with your marketing? No. Nothing does everything. However, social media does do a lot, and it does itcheaply.

Social media marketing allows us to tap into an engaged captive audience. Facebook has done all the dirty work for us. Same thing goes for Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. The audience has been corralled for us – all we have to do now is throw our lassos around the quartered people running around the proverbial arena. Actually, this metaphor makes it seem more difficult than it really is. Unlike wild bulls in an enclosed arena, captive social media users aren’t trying to avoid your proverbial lasso, and they’re possiblylookingto be caught; they just don’t know you exist! Your job is to stop posting on your page like a crazy person obsessed with drinking out of a fire hydrant. It’s time to surrender andstart working smarter rather than harder.

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Few know that Facebook changed the game with their ads, thus making a page’s total likes an impossible audience to reach in its entirety as a result of the way things are programmed. AT MOST, a page with 1,000 likes will reach 20 of these likers via a raw post, and that’s assuming those 20 even give a damn. In techy digital marketing lingo, this translates into a 2% organic reach (at the most). In other words, unless you “boost” a post (Facebook lingo), you’re relying on an extremely unfriendly built-in algorithm to reach your “audience” (if you want to call it that). The built-in or inferred assumption by a Facebook user relying on posts through their page – assuming they have all the facts (are aware of the algorithms) – is that their audience is coming to their page on their own. This is a bad assumption.

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