3 Ways Building Your Personal Brand Boosts Your Career

3 Ways Building Your Personal Brand Boosts Your Career

3 Ways Building Your Personal Brand Boosts Your Career
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In recent years, personal branding has become a very popular buzzword. Everywhere you turn, it seems as though someone is talking about building your personal brand. Through the overuse of the term, it is no wonder why people have lost sight of what it really means. For instance, is personal branding about fame? No, it isn’t. Instead, personal branding is about influence . The misconception is that if you are influential, you are also famous. But that's not always the case.
So why should you work on being influential? Influence within a specific niche will do many things for a person. It is not just about having a lot of Twitter followers or speaking to crowds, it is about being so good at what you do that other people want to learn from you. To make my case, I have a short list of ways your personal brand will positively impact your career.

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New opportunities.
People who have taken the time to build a personal brand become the face of a topic. These people and their content appear in search, not just in Google, but also in LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. The benefit here is that when companies or people are looking to fill a position or for an expert to consult on a project, they will come to the person with the biggest brand. This immediately increases your opportunities, because now you are faced with new experiences that you may not have known about.
Tip: To ensure that you are capitalizing on all potential opportunities, make sure to add your email in the bio of your most active social media accounts. Making it easy for people to connect with you will drastically increase new opportunities. If you don’t want to use your personal email, create a second email that you check once or twice a week.
Upward mobility.
An issue that many people face working internally at a large company or corporation is that they are rarely given an opportunity to prove that they are capable of doing more. When you have a personal brand, you can push through those barriers by demonstrating the ability to discuss and add value to different areas of expertise externally.

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