7 Bold Ways to Build Brand Personality

7 Bold Ways to Build Brand Personality

The typical digital user spends an average of 1 hour and 49 minutes a day on social media, according to Global Web Index. Your consumers want to digitally connect with your brand, but that doesn't mean they want to buy from a faceless, electronic corporation. Building brand personality and showcasing the people who make your company tick is essential, and it can be accomplished online. We've compiled 7 of the sharpest, new ways to build brand personality as part of your company's inbound marketing strategy:

The average engagement rate for a brand on Facebook is just 2%. You can do better than that, and you will if you make an effort to act like a human every time you respond to comments on your company Facebook page. To calculate your brand's current social media engagement, use the simple formula below:

In this equation, "PWSP" is the number of people who saw the post, a metric built into Facebook business pages and secret groups. To further add a personalized touch, Vocus has recommended having your company's social media managers and other employees to respond to Twitter or Facebook queries and comments through their personal accounts.

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Since the adoption of the Facebook timeline, the value of visual content has soared on the network. Experts estimate that including images, video or infographics with your text posts increases engagement by 35% or more. If you've taken the time to tailor your visual content in blog posts for Pinterest and Facebook, upload it separately with the link to stand out in your fan's feeds. Michael Matthews of Forbes recommends you include visual content on social media at least 1/3 of the time. 

There are some low-hanging fruit among long tail key phrases that shouldn't be optimized. There's no way you can work certain bizarre phrases into your title and meta description without sounding incredibly unnatural, and Google hates contrived content. 

Google's gotten pretty good at reading the context of keywords.

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