7 Pillars of Being an Influence in Your Market

7 Pillars of Being an Influence in Your Market

7 Pillars of Being an Influence in Your Market
Discover the characteristics you'll need to grow your brand.
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January 20, 2017
“Powerful people give freely, buying influence rather than things.” -- Robert Greene
A little more than a year ago, I decided to start growing my personal brand. I knew when it came to business in this super-connected world, there was one key thing to remember -- people need to be sold on you before they can be sold on whatever it is you’re selling. People don’t buy products, they buy better versions of themselves. If you aren’t who they want to be, they will not care about what you have to offer.
This influence has the power to connect you with the high level performers most people only dream of meeting. It could give you more authority in your field and awareness of your product or service. Most importantly, it could attract opportunities that can make your time here on earth magical. All of this is what I coined “social currency” because it truly has a power similar to our monetary currency.
I went after it head first, getting my name out there, posting constantly on all the top social platforms. Yes, I was gaining followers. But there was an issue -- my followers were silent . For whatever reason, they weren’t engaged. They weren’t passionate about what I was posting, and they didn’t care about what I was doing next. It was clear to me then that I didn’t know what I was doing.
So, what makes someone influential? What makes someone a leader in their field?
To figure this out, I dug deep and looked to the greats -- everyone from the influential Steve Jobs to Casey Neistat. I was in search of those key factors that made them the powerful leaders they were. And at the end of it all, it came down to seven pillars -- the seven pillars that, if mastered correctly, can make you a massive influencer in your market.
1. Trust.
How would you treat your business partner if you found out they stole money from you? You keep them out. You don’t return their phone calls and if you’re smart, you don’t give them a second chance.
How about your best friend? You tell them all of your darkest secrets. You let them borrow money. You’d choose to hang out with them over anyone else, and you try the things they recommend.
Both of these scenarios are a play on trust. When trust is built, you and your followers can have a beautiful relationship. How do you build trust? Give people what they want. Figure out what those people in your market are looking for in a leader and, don’t just say you’ll do those things -- show proof (through content) that you are those things.

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2. Individuality.
Unfortunately, you’re not the only person who knows the impact of influencer marketing. With so many people out there trying to make names for themselves, how do you stand out? Get crystal clear on your purpose. So clear that when anyone comes across your content, they can quickly understand what it is you’re doing, why you’re doing it, why you’re the best at it and how it will improve their life.

3. Value.

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