8 Tools to Enhance Your Customer Experience On Mobile

8 Tools to Enhance Your Customer Experience On Mobile

You love your customers, right? If you do, you want to make sure that everyone you serve feels like the most important person in the world.

You don’t want to be the business that sends people running into the arms of your competitors (and 44% of US consumers will switch who they do business with because of poor customer service).

Today, your customers are accessing online content from mobile devices, so you need to get on board with the modern tools and best practices that guarantee the best customer experience.

Here are eight tools you can use to heighten your patrons’ experience on mobile. Get to know what they can do before you try them for yourself.

want to solve customer service issues on their own. But, when they can’t, they need you to be ready to respond to their queries right away. And you need a service that will help you get this done with little hassle.

Mobile customer service software such as Zendesk is advantageous for your customers and your company. It will keep you stay connected when it counts.

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ZenDesk is one of the most comprehensive customer service platforms out there. Their mobile software is responsive, allowing your consumers ease of use from smartphones and tablets.

Don’t wait for the complaints to come pouring in – take steps now to ensure your mobile users can send a ticket anytime. Make responding to their inquiries easy.

FatCat IT’s James Powell found that 95% of their support tickets were responded to within two hours and his customers were impressed. HappyFox, another responsive support system, allowed him to improve his customer service team’s response time tremendously.

The platform boasts exceptional customer support, everyday. It was voted the best customer service platform of 2015. This is one you are going to want to try, especially since they offer a free trial.

As addressed above, you should always be sure to check your social media messages and respond to them in a timely manner. Your social media admins’ tasks should include responding to all inquiries received on each platform.

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When you get to the point when the task is too demanding of your SM team, send it over to the experts with social customer service software. Your social media guy doesn’t want to do it anyway.

Engagor allows you to connect with your customers, deliver experiences that increase satisfaction, and resolve issues quickly. You can connect your dashboard to Facebook, Twitter, G+, Instagram, YouTube, and more. Make sure everyone’s inquiries are directed to the right person with ease.

If there’s one platform you need to concentrate your customer service efforts on, it’s text messaging.  say they are likely to text with a customer service agent and would actually prefer SMS communications. Why aren’t you texting them already?

If you allow your customers to communicate with your business via text, you offer them a convenient and highly desired option. TextMagic can provide you with an easy way to send SMS messages to segmented lists.

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Their autoresponder, scheduling and email-to-SMS features can take a ton of work out of time-sensitive requests processing.

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