9 Types Of Blog Posts That Will Boost Traffic

9 Types Of Blog Posts That Will Boost Traffic

You work hard on every blog post.
Word by word, line by line to make your blog posts perfect. You even attach shareable images, break them into digestible paragraphs, and do the best outreach marketing process you can do. But still, sometimes they just don’t deliver the traffic, shares, and leads you were hoping for.
It’s simply because your audience doesn’t like the blog posts you’re publishing.
The solution to this problem is also simple—just publish the content your audience wants. You need something that can not only save you time but can also guarantee results.

It’s time for you to identify the types of blog posts that will give you results. The content that gave your competitors an edge over you. The content that made a common person a huge influencer in your niche .
Let’s explore these winning types of blog posts that the big marketing influencers are rocking right now that have helped them get huge followings and grow their businesses.

1. Publish Long List Posts To Get More Backlinks
No arguments. List posts are the best. And no, I’m not talking about only list posts; I’m talking about LONG list posts.
These guys are the ones that:
Attract audience attention by their obscure number.

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Show your expertise.
Are immensely actionable for your audience as they read your content.
Are super informative.
Are easy to read and scan for the big takeaways.

Not to mention, list posts overwhelm your readers. A lot of folks may need to read these posts a few times just to learn all of the information you have to provide. In fact, there’s a huge market of read-it-later apps like Pocket and Instapaper  because of long posts like these.
Without any hesitation, I’ll admit that I still visit Jon Morrow’s list of 317 power words . I’m that dull. 😉

Copyblogger —one of the most influential content marketing blogs—has so many list posts among its popular posts. And they’re still regularly publishing them.

Here’s a headline from Copyblogger. Just take a look at how many shares this long list post is pulling in.
Look at Brian Dean, founder of Backlinko, who attracted lots of eye balls through his 9th post called 200 search engine ranking factors . And according to Brian, this post still brings him 10,000–15,000 visitors per month, even months after he initially published the thing. Not to mention, the post ranks #2 for term “ranking factor”, which is bound to keep that traffic flowing in.

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Here’s how to write a long list post:
Find your big idea.
Write down as many points as you can.
Refine your list to the most important points.
Write an emotional headline involving the number (usually odd numbers perform the best).
Make it little longer than any other post you’ve seen on your idea.
Include lots of images and Click To Tweet  buttons to entice social shares.
Include bonus takeaways in a content upgrade to turn your traffic into subscribers .
But, while doing so, make sure not to dilute its quality. For example, Jimmy Daly, editor of Vero Blog , compiled a massive list of 500 tips for this post . But, he preferred quality over quantity and refined the list to 20. And, the results?
That post resulted in getting 300+ links and 2,500+ shares in less than 30 days.
Pro Tip: Consider groupings in your list posts with proper subheads. It makes your readers curious to keep them reading.
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2. Write Research-Backed, Data-Driven Posts To Grow Your Traffic
Want to position yourself as an expert? Research can establish you as an authority.
Peep Laja, founder of ConversionXL , is one of the best CROs (Conversion Rate Optimizer) out there. You know why?
The guy positioned himself as an expert with evidence and data-backed content.

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