A Guide to Working With Instagram Influencers: What to Look For

A Guide to Working With Instagram Influencers: What to Look For

According to a study by Nielsen and TapInfluence, influencer marketing drives 11 times more ROI as other forms of digital media. How is that possible? Well, unlike Google AdWords or banner ads, influencer content stays online long after a post has faded.

For example, in February 2017, beauty influencer  Estee LaLonde posted a photo promoting the new Burt’s Bees lipsticks. When the video first went up, it received about 5,000 Likes. Today, that content still sits on LaLonde's Instagram page, where to date it's received more than 11,000 likes.

Since working with influencers is such an effective form of Instagram marketing  -- and digital marketing in general, -- here's what you need to know before putting together your first campaign, especially the questions to ask yourself (and the influencer) when searching for the right influencer to work with:

1. How often are new posts published?
While many of us don’t have the time to post to Instagram every day, let alone multiple times per day, it's the job of a digital influencer to post frequently. According to recent research , social media frequency across the board should look like this:
Pinterest: five posts per day
Twitter: three posts per day
Facebook: two posts per day
Instagram: one post per day (or more)

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Since you’re looking to work with a popular Instagrammer, you should focus exclusively on that person's frequency in posting to Instagram.
If you see an influencer with a million followers and his or her last Instagram post was over a month old, steer clear of that person, as s/he is not actively engaging his/her audience on a daily basis. This is usually a sign that the influencer has moved on to do other things and no longer has a strong relationship with that audience.

2. Is there an over-abundance of sponsored posts?
An influencer whose feed is full of sponsored posts is also one you’ll want to avoid. While there is no hard rule about how often an influencer should share sponsored posts, sharing too many can reduce credibility with the audience.

The reason is that followers of an influencer are interested in that person's honest opinions about products and services. Adding payment to the equation can affect the integrity of a product review. The audience may begin to wonder, “Is he/she saying this only because of the pay?”
Digital influencers who have built up a strong relationship with their audience do so only by working with brands they really like, and by spreading out the frequency with which they promote sponsored items.

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