Don't Miss These 3 Social Media Trends in 2017

Don’t Miss These 3 Social Media Trends in 2017

We've just finished one of the biggest social media years ever. Live video became huge, fueled by Periscopeand Facebook Live. Half-baked ideas for apps came and went. We still have no idea if Twitter will survive.

2016 planted several key seeds that will blossom in 2017. From what I can see, here are the biggest social media trends of the upcoming year:

When Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced chat bots within its Messenger app earlier this year, reaction from users was lukewarm.

But chat bots might just be how customer service gets done in 2017. More and more platforms are relying on artificial intelligence to take care of small tasks.

For fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners, these chat bots can be a godsend. Imagine having an automated (and free) virtual assistant who can help your customers find simple information or track purchases? Instead of outsourcing your customer service, a chat bot can provide vital information on a medium your customers already know and love.

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Zuckerberg is a huge fan of artificial intelligence. As a New Year's resolution, he coded Jarvis, a super-powered virtual assistant for his home -- voiced by Morgan Freeman. Zuckerberg, as he has proven time and again, thinks ahead of the curve. This kind of technology is primed to take off in 2017, providing a major productivity boost for entrepreneurs and businesses.

Don't believe me? Facebook already has more than 34,000 chat bots on Messenger. Look for this trend to explode soon.

Back in the Wild West days of social media, brands had to be on every platform -- even if they had no following there.

Now that companies are getting smarter about throwing money on social media, they'll realize that spending money where it matters most will lead to the most success in 2017.

Think of it this way: you have finite time and money. Why waste it on platforms that don't return your investment, trying to cater to fans who don't exist? I'd love to see a correction from the be-everywhere-all-the-time trend of the past few years.

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