How Internal Influencers Can Use Content to Grow Your Team

How Internal Influencers Can Use Content to Grow Your Team

Much like fishing, recruiting new employees requires the right bait. You can use company cars and expense accounts to lure in potential candidates, but you’ll end up wasting precious resources as you throw countless fish back into the water. Recruiting the right employees — and keeping them aboard — requires some unique tactics.

For example, at Influence & Co., we have a very nontraditional workplace. Potential candidates are often drawn in by the casual dress code, happy hours, time off, and autonomous work environment we offer, but these are only perks of working for us; none of these perks define our culture or communicate who we are.That’s where our content comes in.

More than nice-to-have perks, a solid company culture — one that’s actually lived out day to day — is our best selling point. And while we won’t shy away from tooting our own horn from time to time, we rely mainly on our internal influencers to spread the word. And the content we create is our fuel for that employee advocacy.

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Particularly in nontraditional workplaces (like ours), it can be hard for employees to really describe their work experience to other people. Content around your company culture gives employees a valuable resource to showcase their workplace, their team’s values, and the culture of their company to people in their networks (including potential future employees) who may be curious about what they do all day and why they love it so much.

When your employees are engaged in the work they do, they’ll want to share their experience with others — and content is the perfect tool for sharing that experience with their networks.

And while content helps explain culture to friends and family, it also serves as a reminder for your team. Reading about your culture helps employees “zoom out”and remember what the company truly stands for. It’s easy to get caught up in day-to-day stress and deadlines, but reading a post about your company values, how you started, and how far you’ve come can inspire your team.

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This kind of culture content also helps in the referral process. I can’t begin to count how many times I’ve interviewed candidates who learned about our company through an article their friends (our internal influencers) shared online. They are excited and knowledgeable about our culture and values before we even start the conversation. This glimpse into the daily workings of the company helps both the recruiter and the potential candidate find a great mutual fit early on.

Your internal influencers are key to sharing your culture content and attracting the right candidates to your team.

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