How to Find Social Media Influencers with Ease

How to Find Social Media Influencers with Ease

You have probably heard of influencer marketing, and may even know it can be beneficial to your business.

“There are few things that drive a sale more effectively than a warm word-of-mouth recommendation,” says Misha Talavera. Influencers don’t have to be movie stars with millions of social media followers. An influencer is someone who can get others to take action.

As Jay Baer says, “True influence drives action, not just awareness.”

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Let’s start your next influencer marketing campaign by exploring the ways to identify social media influencers. Here are some ideas that might very well help you reach the right people.

If you sell gardening supplies, you need to identify networks of gardening enthusiasts, then identify who the influencers are within those networks. You might want to find Facebook Groups for gardening clubs in your area.  For example, if you live in Las Vegas, the Las Vegas Gardening Club, a Facebook group of over 1,000 members, seems like an appropriate group to join.

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Don’t post about your business and products to the group. Instead, observe and listen. See who tends to post more often and start engaging discussions. Observe who tends to give advice or get the most positive comments. You will begin to see who the influencers are.

On Instagram and Twitter, groups exist, but not in the way you’d think with a feature built by the platform developers specifically for groups.

One way people form tribes on Instagram and Twitter is through the use of hashtags. Just look at the #lularoe hashtag on Instagram to see all of the people who sell, buy, and love Lularoe talking about it on the platform. A hashtag I like is #igersjp; Instagrammers who are from Japan, are visiting Japan, or just love Japan have found each other so they can share posts from Japan, about Japan, and in Japanese. Over four million posts have been shared with this hashtag.

Hashtags are helpful because when you’re out to find social media influencers, you’re looking for people who are talking about the topics that matter to your business. Someone who is popular may be an influencer, but that doesn’t mean they can be an influencer for any product, service, or app. If someone has 50,000 Twitter followers because they talk about baking tips, it may be a waste of your time to reach out to them to talk about your baby clothes line (unless you can convince them the “bun in the oven” joke would be hilarious).

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Maybe you have a shop that sells specialty scissors. Look at the hashtag #embroideryart on Instagram (currently over 157,000 posts). Find the people who are doing truly amazing things with embroidery—they likely use embroidery scissors.

Using this hashtag, find the people who get the most likes and engagement. It’s likely that they are influencing many others with the same interests. You could reach out to them to feature your scissors. One embroidery Instagrammer with amazing images is @usedthreads, who has over 35,000 followers. She receives over 1,000 likes per post on most posts, and up to 7,000 on other posts.

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