How to Use Social Media for Lead Generation and Monetization

How to Use Social Media for Lead Generation and Monetization

Hi. It’s just you and me here, so let’s be honest for a moment.

We’re in this for the money.

Your business, just like my business, is For Profit. It’s designed to profit — to be profitable. It’s a business, not a non-profit organization devoted to saving a particular species of grass.

And it’s OK to want to make money! There’s nothing wrong with making sure that you’re able to provide for yourself and your family, and have an income with which to do the things that interest you.

So why lead with a quote from Guy Kawasaki that talks about how making money isn’t the goal?

Or rather, he’s partly right.

Having followers and readers on social media who are enchanted with you sounds awfully good, doesn’t it? Since you’re not Merlin, we’re going to go with the more common definition of “to enchant” as to mean: fill (someone) with great delight; charm.

Few would argue that having a captivated audience on social media is a bad thing.

However, should that really be the goal? Or, perhaps, is it possible to have more than one goal?

Is it reasonable to suggest that brands and solopreneurs could and should strive to both captivate and communicate? Enchant and enlighten?

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Otherwise, using social media on behalf of a brand is nothing more than an exercise. The activity has to result in measurable traffic, leads and sales.

To that end, we’re going to cover the kind of content and activity to share to social media. The kinds of social posts that can potentially result in hitting both of these lofty goals.

We’re also going to explore how you can leverage your growing social audience for more than just referral traffic.

That’s not to say that referring traffic isn’t important — it is. So we’ll talk about that too; specifically, where to send that traffic.

Finally, we’ll take a look at how some businesses are able to monetize their social media activity itself.

Whenever I talk to a blogger or business owner about how to use social media and what to post, I start by explaining the 3 E’s:

And of course, thanks to Guy we now have to add Enchant, though that might apply to the overall effect we’re going for.

These clever alliterative actions give you an ideal framework for creating an active, successful social presence, regardless of network. In fact, it’s a smart ploy to use all three post actions in that order. More on that in a moment.

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An engaging post on social media is a little bit different from something that’s engaging outside of social media. On social networks, what we’re looking for is activity on the post itself.

That’s social engagement. More than just a vanity metric, post engagement is a very real indicator of audience interest in your post and social presence, and it’s something that the networks themselves pay close attention to.

The more engagement your posts receive, the more likely they are to be seen by more of your fans.

Plus, when people engage with your posts it increases the possibility that their connections will see that post and thereby grow your visibility.

So, it’s important to create social posts that encourage engagement. While you shouldn’t specifically ask for Likes, it’s definitely a good idea to share content that people are more prone to Like (great images) or Comment on (ask a question or start a great discussion). And the best is when the post is so good audience members cannot help but to Share it — the ultimate form of social media engagement.

Post Planner is fantastic for surfacing content, particularly for Facebook, that’s proven to be good at generating fan engagement.

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Serious discussions and conversations are great, but the fact is, most people use social media as a place to catch up with what their contacts are doing and relax for a bit.

They might open Facebook on their phone while standing in line to check out, or scroll through their favorite Twitter list over lunch.

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