How You Can Get More Customers In 2017

How You Can Get More Customers In 2017

The new year is upon us, and businesses are down on planning their marketing strategies for the year. All most businesses want to achieve is more profit, but your marketing strategy is usually not the only thing that needs some fine tuning.

Rahul Aggarwal, CEO of one of the largest design and logo marketplace, which has 37,000 registered designers producing quality design work at affordable prices, Designhill, says, “More business means more hard work, it’s a result of several things coming together,” and what are those things? Let’s hear from the man:

It’s quite understandable why you need to work on your product or service if you wish to make good sales. “It does not matter how good your marketing efforts are, if your product is not good, you will not be able to sell it. Marketing can only entice people, but they will not make the final purchase if the product doesn’t offer them something unique. Designhill makes the process more robust by only offering the highest quality services.” says Aggarwal highlighting the need to provide quality products. He continues, “When we started our design firm, we knew we weren’t only going to offer graphic designing, we were going to offer something more, and we achieved it by offering incredible customization. This is our USP. When you look at it, Designhill just another designing firm, but deep inside we know we are doing something different, and that’s what businesses need to do. They need to stand out by offering something out of the ordinary”

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Once you have worked on what you have to offer, you have to work on how you offer it. This is where marketing comes into play. But before you start the actual process, you need to work on your customer demographics.

“It is important to know who you are targeting and why. Make good use of every marketing dollar and reduce your customer acquisition cost,” says Aggarwal, highlighting the need to have a clear audience. He continues, “If you market to the wrong person, you will not have successful leads, and you will only end up increasing your costs,” he concludes.

Think of this example, you sell a product mainly designed for females. Ideally, your target audience should be females. So what happens if your marketing teams begins to send emails to males? Their efforts would be futile as men would not be interested in buying the product. This would result in a wastage of time and resources, and may also cause morale to be low as failure has several side effects.

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Be clear on gender, location, income, race, religion, age and spending habits when you prepare your customers’ demographic profiles. The more details you have regarding your target audience, the better.

“Competition is tough, you need to do better than your competitors to be able to leave a mark. You need to do everything to gain your customer’s’ attention, this includes offering specials or discounted rates.

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