LinkedIn Launches Re-Vamped Desktop Experience

LinkedIn Launches Re-Vamped Desktop Experience

Back in September, LinkedIn gave us a first glimpse of their coming desktop refresh. which, as per LinkedIn, will deliver “a world class, elegant and sophisticated user experience”.

Can it live up to that billing?

Well we’re about to find out – today, LinkedIn has announced that the new desktop version is now in the process of being rolled out to all users.

The video soundtrack feels overly bouncy for a LinkedIn update, but still, it gives you a good glimpse of the coming changes.

There are several important details to note, first off, the new layout gives each element of the LinkedIn experience a defined space on screen, making it easier to use and more intuitive.

Here’s shot of the old a new formats side-by-side for comparison.

The new update prompt is similar to Facebook, while you also have a ‘Trending News’ section in the top right, again similar to The Social Network. That’s not such a bad approach – Facebook has more than a billion people logging onto it every day, so it’ll definitely add a level of familiarity. LinkedIn’s also streamlining the news feed by breaking out elements like ‘Who to follow’ recommendations into the side bar, rather than pushing them into the stream.

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LinkedIn’s also putting more emphasis on messaging in the new desktop experience, with new pop-up chat windows which enables you to send messages without having the leave the page you’re on and go to a separate area of the app.

The updated LinkedIn messaging experience will also incorporate their new ‘Conversation Starters’ feature, which prompts users on things they have in common that they could use to break the ice.

The focus on messaging is being driven by user demand – LinkedIn recently noted that they’ve seen a 240% increase in messages sent on the platform since the introduction of their re-vamped mobile app December 2015, with half of their 467 million members now interacting with messages on a weekly basis.

In a wider sense, the improved performance of their mobile app has clearly inspired the new design, with the flow and structure more closely aligned with the mobile experience.

Hopefully, too, the new desktop version will also support hashtags – LinkedIn announced back in August that the mobile platform now supports hashtags, but they’re still not active on LinkedIn.

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