Social Media Management: Who

Social Media Management: Who, What, When and Where to Post

Having a successful social media marketing strategy is all about knowing how to play the field, or in this case fields. Every platform brings with it a specific form of content and audience. Not knowing the details of each can lead to major disasters for your social media campaigns. To prevent this from happening, we’ve broken down the four W’s of social media posts, so your campaigns thrive.

Who -are you looking to attract? When it comes to delivering content on social media you have to always keep your audience in mind. Formatting your content to appeal to the audience you have in mind is going to set your posts up for success. If you’re looking to target teenagers for example, you want to keep the text short and supply an image or video. The wrong thing to do would be to keep your content lengthy and full of language that teens aren't accustomed to. Make sure you also consider who is on which platform. Different channels engage different audiences. Make sure you're aware of the different demographic breakdown on each platform.

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Where- Speaking of, now that you know what audience you want to reach the next step it to determine where that audience is. Great content, targeted for the ideal audience, but delivered through the wrong channel is poor social media management. Most likely, that post is going to go unnoticed. You want to find out where your audience is and meet them there. The key to good content is that it’s available where your audience is looking for it. Going to them, with meaningful and informative content is going to make them want to come to you.

When- Once you know where to meet them, you’ll want to figure out when.

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