Why B2B Influencer Marketing is Your Next Big Thing

The 8 Step Influencer Marketing Strategy To Help You Get To The Top

In today’s extremely competitive digital marketing scene, it is becoming increasingly difficult for SMB owners to stand out. It’s because of this; many business owners have directed their attention towards influencer marketing in order to leverage the power of word of mouth that can be provided by an authority within their industry.

If you too are interested in utilizing the power of influencer marketing you can find our complete guide here. But why stop there? What if YOU could be the authority others will look to for insight and guidance?

Here are 8 steps to help you build your authority and credibility, and develop an influencer marketing strategy for your business.

Whether you're a simple SMB or your industry’s leading influencer, your content always needs to be engaging, compelling, and able to offer great value. In order to do this however, you will need to have to have a very clear picture of your audience with a thorough understanding of their pains, needs, or interests.  

You will need to know:

All this information can be attained by simply scouring your social channels, monitoring comments, audience’s posts, blogs they liked, emails they opened, topics they’ve searched and asked about, groups they are members of, and people they communicate with. Once collected, we recommend organizing all this valuable insight in the form of a “customer persona”. This will essentially create a “representative” for your entire audience and will further aid in your brainstorming, targeting, and content creation processes.

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It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned professional or an industry newcomer, the art of becoming an influencer might require some indirect guidance. Pay close attention to what other influencers in your industry (or even other industries) are doing. Carefully study how they behave on social media, what they post, when they post, how they post, what they share, and how they interact with their audience. This will not only help you gain a better understanding of what is required of an influencer, it may also help you build upon these actions, potentially surpassing these “mentors” you have been monitoring.

As an SMB and content creator, you already know the importance of maintaining a high quality blog. It is essentially the central hub for all your business operations and the most prominent channel your audience uses to consume your content. It is therefore, the ideal location to show frequent visitors (and newcomers) that you are an authority in your industry or niche.

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When managing your blog, be sure to:

Remember, your blog is a representation of you and your brand within your industry. Show your authority by disseminating your knowledge and expertise. Your posts doesn't need to be unique, but should reach your audience at a more personal level. Share your experiences and mistakes you faced throughout your career, and show them the steps you took to overcome obstacles.

While creating high quality content is imperative to be seen as an authority in your industry, collaborating with other influencers can also be a great merit. Oftentimes guest posting is the best collaborative medium for influencers, as it enhances the reach of both parties. It also brings additional traffic to their blogs and social channels. Further, when two respected influencers partner and exchange posts, they can significantly enhance their credibility within their industry.

Ideally the influencer you will want to be collaborating with should:

Although you may be able to find such individuals by scouring social channels and FAQ websites, we here at Social Fusion are firm believers of working efficiently. Utilize a tool such as BuzzSumo and Google Alerts to effectively locate and review influencer accounts for a potential fit.

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Once you have located a good “fit”, it is important to reach out to them, review their submission guidelines, and offer them a quality piece of content.

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