The Importance of Personal Branding in Direct Sales

The Importance of Personal Branding in Direct Sales

The importance of personal branding in direct sales is a topic many direct sellers ask about.

Direct Sales is a unique but growing sales model. Your mother or your grandmother might have only heard of companies like Tupperware, Avon and Mary Kay. Today there are hundreds of companies using a sales force of consultants, demonstrators or presenters to get their products to consumers. There is no retail, brick and mortar store-front to display products or distribution to “stores” for these companies.

Unlike the direct sales company of your mother or grandmother’s time, today’s direct seller can reach far beyond the neighborhood by doing business through social media and the technology of the internet. Text on a screen can be very impersonal, so putting your personality into what you are sharing become critically important to recreate that in person experience. This is personal branding.  Injecting YOU into what you sell.

Relationship is of primary importance. As a direct seller, building the relationship with your customer is a large part of your business. But there are a lot of other people out there representing the same company, selling the same products and vying for the attention of some of the same customers, hostesses, and team prospects. Setting yourself apart from those other representatives in your company will work to your advantage. But how do you set yourself apart without shouting from the rooftops (which could actually drive people away)?

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1. Stand out from other consultants by showing your unique qualities. Whether you are quiet and sweet, quirky or as funny as a stand-up comedian, amplify that part of your personality to help your ‘audience’ get to know you. As people get to know you as a person (and not just a consultant or demonstrator), they will follow you as their go-to person for your company’s product. Since they could purchase from many others, you want customers to think of YOU when they think of your company. I call this the 3 P’s of Social Content, and you can get my free e-book HERE. Personality, Purposeful value, Promotion. These are the important 3P’s.

2. Personal branding is as unique as you are. Put yourself into your brand by:

As you share your authentic self and your voice with your audience, you will begin to attract your tribe.

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