How to Unlock the Key to Instagram Engagement

How to Unlock the Key to Instagram Engagement

The key to Instagram engagement is TIME. Visual storytelling and conversation starting combined with the right mix of when to post and what to post creates Instagram gold.
T – Time
Are you posting at the right time? Are you giving Instagram enough time to make a difference?

I – Intent
Time to stop your random acts of posting on the Gram. Being intentional with your photos, concepts, and descriptions is crucial.

M – Management
Do you have a system down to make Instagram a part of your social media plan? Are you measuring key Instagram factors and making smart decisions based on data?

E – Engage
Responding to comments on your post is important. Are you also commenting and liking other people’s posts?

How to encourage people and increase Instagram engagement
Keep a solid community in your comments and stay active by doing the following:
Delete spammy comments by swiping and remove them.
Give shouts out to thought leaders and friends.
Tag people in photos so they receive a notification.
Create a path for people to follow with your hashtags.
Make it easy for people to find you.
You can’t have success on Instagram with a private account. Make it public to connect with new people.
Check out industry relevant hashtags to find new people.
Double tap a post to like it and show your appreciation.
A combination of time, intent, management, and engagement creates the perfect Instagram presence to showcase your brand through storytelling and community building. It’s not enough simply to post great photos – it’s all the moments that occur after you post that build the conversation and relationship.
A combination of time, intent, management, and engagement creates the perfect Instagram presence.Click To Tweet
The key to Instagram engagement is TIME – work on these areas and your Instagram engagement will climb.
Consider this shocking stat: 92% of all social engagement is happening on Instagram vs 7% on Facebook and 1% on Twitter based on the L2 Intelligence Report: Social Platforms 2017.

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Wow! 92% of all social engagement is happening on Instagram.
Maureen Mullen and Scott Galloway of L2 say, “The most powerful platform the world: Instagram. We see about ninety-two percent of all engagement occurring across all kinds of consumer sectors in the brands that we track so you know ninety-two percent on Instagram across countries. Instagram is the new Facebook.”
I’m super excited to share a new tool to will help with your Instagram engagement. Tailwind has added Instagram to their platform! Tailwind for Instagram is an Instagram scheduling and analytics tool built on the same platform as Tailwind’s popular Pinterest marketing tool. Tailwind is my absolute go-to tool for Pinterest. I can’t wait to see how it supercharges my Instagram.

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