Use Your Personal Brand to Strengthen Your Leadership Identity

Use Your Personal Brand to Strengthen Your Leadership Identity

So defining your leadership identity starts by defining your personal brand. You can’t turn around your business until you turn around yourself. Understanding who you are and what you solve for is how your leadership will define the evolution of the business in the new normal.
The concept of personal branding -- the idea that success comes from how you authentically present and market yourself and your career as an individual -- has been around for 20 years or so, but the workplace hasn’t encouraged us to develop our personal brands, let alone live them and use them. Thus, a lot of leaders talk about personal branding, but few connect it to leadership in this way and thus hold themselves accountable to it to evolve.
The importance of a personal connection to leadership -- of touching the business every day -- cannot be understated, as it defines your leadership identity and your ability to value differences and enable the full potential of others: your team, your clients and yourself.

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Your people want to know where they fit and where they can best contribute to their organization and the reinvention process. They want to be part of a workplace that allows them to be their natural, authentic selves. Only then will they become custodians of the workplace culture and become more accountable to it, driving that authenticity into being more intimate with your clients and customers and seizing new marketplace opportunities.
To do this, people need leaders with strong identities that provide clarity and understanding for what their leadership solves for -- leaders who have a strong identity that supports their personal reinvention efforts to be more purposeful, responsible and accountable in how they lead and influence others.

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