Why the C-suite needs to start paying attention to content marketing

Why the C-suite needs to start paying attention to content marketing

Emma Roborgh quotes Content Marketing Institute co-founder Robert Rose, who points out why content marketing needs to be viewed from top down as a business strategy rather than merely a marketing tactic.

Forget the rhetoric, the bravado and bluster: content marketing is about one thing, and one thing only. Audience. Building, growing and nurturing a valuable business asset. Robert Rose, co-founder of the Content Marketing Institute discusses why content marketing is in need of a serious reboot.

For content marketing to make a major impact for brands we’ve got to reboot the whole practice, elevating the conversation from ‘marketing’ to ‘business,’ says Rose.

Ahead of delivering his keynote at the B2B Marketing Forum in Sydney later this year, Rose says if brands just look at content marketing as a marketing tactic, its impact is going to be limited. Instead, it needs to be viewed from top down as a business strategy that marketing people perform.

“Content marketing needs to be viewed as a total business strategy that makes everything you do better, by building the asset that really matters to a business: an audience,” he says. “That’s what content marketing delivers. The content is purely a bridge to build the relationship.”

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Many businesses across the world have tried content marketing to some degree or another. However it’s primarily not been led by the C-suite, so the true potential business impact often hasn’t been clarified, understood and communicated throughout the business. This often means content is viewed on its own merits, rather than a conduit to a much greater, more valuable business outcome.

“If you’re looking at content as the commodity it just becomes an alternate form of advertising,” says Rose. “Sometimes it works and it works okay, but the value of it flattens out very quickly.

“Then, as soon as it takes a little longer, or is a little more expensive to create that wonderful piece of content than it is a banner ad, people go ‘wait a minute! If all this is is just a more expensive, alternative form of advertising, why shouldn’t I just do advertising?’

“Once you start having pressure to create more commoditised content, you’re going to decrease the cost of production of content.

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