Why Twitter Won't Be Around in 5 Years

Why Twitter Won’t Be Around in 5 Years

The favorite social networkof our 45th President might not even live to see the end of his first term.

While Facebook has been on a rocketship of fiscal growth, the userbase ofTwitterhas remained largely stagnant over the past couple of years. Many experts (and shareholders) feel that Twitter isn't long for this world -- and I agree.

Twitter has failed to prove its utility to the novice user -- the kind of clientele Facebook has in droves. Most importantly, it has also failed to prove its worth to advertisers, who are flocking to newer and sexier channels such as Snapchat.

These are trying times for Twitter, and it could signal that the end is in sight. Here are a few more reasons why I feel Twitter won't be around in 5 years:

Twitter has a problem at the very top. After Dick Costolo stepped aside as CEO in 2015, co-founder Jack Dorsey stepped up to lead the company again.

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The problem? Dorsey, who is a talented executive, is also the CEO of Square. Twitter badly needs someone who can devote themselves fully to the company's growth. While Dorsey has said repeatedly that there are no issues running two major companies, you have to imagine that a unified front featuring a laser-focused CEO could only help Twitter.

Several notable executives left Twitter in 2016, such as head of product Kevin Weil and Vine exec Jason Toff. Another key member of Twitter recently resigned: Adam Messinger, the company's CTO. In the wake of that news, Twitter's stock dropped 11.5 percent in December.

Twitter also laid off a significant chunk of its team late in 2016, showing the financial pressure the company is under.

Unless Twitter fixes its leadership issues, I don't think they'll be around too much longer. The way Facebook, which continues to be Twitter's measuring stick, has endured so much adversity is through a strong leadership team, led by CEO Mark Zuckerberg and COO Sheryl Sandberg. Twitter could easily benefit from a complete C-level team solely focused on Twitter.

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