5 Expert Tips for Building Your Brand Advocacy Program

5 Expert Tips for Building Your Brand Advocacy Program

Isn’t it great when people have nice things to say about your product?

It’s even better when they share these awesome reviews with other people. For free.

That’s what brand advocacy is all about—encouraging and empowering your customers to become champions for your brand. Social media is a great place to do that.

We’ve already talked about how to create an advocacy program for your brand. Now we dig a little deeper and ask Hootsuite’s own advocate marketing manager, Alicia Taggio, to give us her best tips for building brand advocacy on social media.

Targeting social media influencers with a massive following might work for some brands, but it doesn’t have to be about the big numbers. What matters is having engaged advocates who can add value to your brand.

At Hootsuite we like to connect with people who are excited and passionate about social media marketing. Some of these advocates are willing to get in front of a room of 400 industry peers and talk about our the industry and the tools we’ve built for it.

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These advocates might not have a big following, but the fact that they’ve aligned with our brand to the point where we trust them to speak on our behalf is huge.

Pro tip: Define what qualities a potential advocate needs to best represent your brand. Does their tone align with yours? Are they active users of your product or service? Would you consider them experts in their industry?

Advocates will sing your company’s praises and help boost brand awareness—often with little resources or budget.

So make sure you’re always giving your champions something in return. We’re not just talking about swag either.

What would they find most rewarding or valuable? Can you help them build their profile? Drive traffic to their website (by featuring their content on your social media channels and therefore increasing their social reach)? Or can you simply provide them with some form of recognition?

One of the ways we try to give back to our advocates at Hootsuite is by hosting weekly #HootChats on subjects they’re interested in.

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