5 Ways to Integrate Social Media and Influencer Marketing

5 Ways to Integrate Social Media and Influencer Marketing

So you want to work with influencers to leverage your social media marketing campaign. But you’re not sure where to start, or what kind of content you should create. There are plenty of options for those who wish to integrate influencers into their social media marketing. Find out five strategies below, and learn how each can benefit your brand:

Your audience may currently find the type of content you normally publish to be interesting. But there’s no telling when your fans and followers will get bored with the same ol’ thing. Variety adds some spice to your social media content, keeping your existing audience intrigued and engaged. While it’s not always easy for brands to come up with new ideas for their social media posts, you can always count of influencers to provide you with a whole new perspective.

This is why social media takeovers have become so popular recently. Brands collaborate with influencers in their relevant category/niche. The influencers are given access to the brand’s social media account (or accounts) for a specific amount of time, (sometimes for a day, or even an entire week). During the takeover period, the influencer posts images or updates about their activities. The idea is to grow your audience by drawing in the influencer’s loyal fans, and provide fresh content to your existing audience.

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Pop culture and teen community,Sweety Highregularly runs influencer takeovers for their Instagram and Snapchat accounts. They recently ran an Instagram story takeover withKendall Vertes, who has 4.4 million followers. She shared the news about the takeover with her fans and got more than 86k likes on the post in the first 24 hours.

Sweety High posted an image to announce the takeover as well, and encouraged their followers to leave questions for Kendall in the comments. Kendall will answer their questions as part of the takeover.

The brand makes use of influencer takeovers across various social media channels and even runs them on Snapchat. Their recent collaboration was with country music singer Tegan Marie, who drew fans to the community’s Snapchat account with a post on her Instagram.

Maybe you’ve learned how brands can boost social media engagementthrough contests and giveaways. But what if the contest doesn’t gain as much traction as you had hoped? Influencers can help you leverage your contests by spreading the news, and bringing it to the attention of their followers. They can further encourage their fans to participate, which will boost engagement as well.

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The best way to do this is to have the influencers showcase the prizes. This helps incite desire in their followers to win the prizes, which motivates them to enter the contest. Make sure the prizes are something that the influencer’s audience will value. Maybe a free gift basket of your organic food products would be enticing to a food blogger’s fans, since they are already interested in food.

Contest prizes don’t always have to be free products or services from your company. For instance, you could give away free tickets to a concert that your target audience would be interested in, or tickets to your brand’s event with influencers and celebrities. The options are virtually endless.

See how Qupid Shoesand Laura Beverlinworked together to create a contest to promote the brand.

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