12 Influencer Marketing Examples That Prove Influencer Marketing is Digital Marketing's Next Big Thing

12 Influencer Marketing Examples That Prove Influencer Marketing is Digital Marketing’s Next Big Thing, Now

Influencer marketing is well past its experimental phase. It is now firmly established as an important type of online marketing, and it is for more than just small businesses and startups, who can’t afford traditional advertising fees. Quite a few A-list businesses realize that influencer marketing helps them reach their target audience. It is digital marketing’s next best thing, that is making a huge impact already.

Here are 12 recent examples of firms (most of whom are family names) who have seen influencer marketing work for them.

Motorola decided to launch a new range of smartphones call the Moto Z family and Moto Mods. The key differentiating factor between these and the standard commodity smartphone is that you can swap “mods” in and out of the phone, to make them exactly how you want them. You can even latch a projector onto your phone if you so choose.

Motorola marketed these phones to a young demographic, and they realized that their target audience spent much of their time on YouTube. They saw the possibilities for YouTube influencers to demonstrate the possible uses of the Moto Z Force of YouTube … even strapping it onto a 10’ rocket!

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Agency partner Weber Shandwick developed a YouTube influencer program to drive awareness around the Moto Z products. They worked with 13 influencers across multiple verticals and target audiences to reach a broad range of consumers.

Each influencer created one “partnership announcement” post, one “hero” YouTube video that featured a unique use-case for Moto Mods and two or more extra social posts.

The 13 videos that the influencers created were all very different, ranging from the one that launched the phone attached to a 10’ rocket to a video showing how to survive a haunted high school.

The videos generated 11.6 million views and 38.1 million social impressions acheter cialis livraison rapide. This led to 122,000 clicks to motomods.com (80,000 of them first-time visitors).

Sony Mobile France created a new Instagram account – @sonyxperiafr – which they wanted to promote. The Sony Xperia Z5 has the most powerful cell phone camera, with a five times zoom, and Instagram is, of course, the perfect site to promote photography.

Sony created the first zoom on Instagram (#InstazoomZ5) to help Instagramers appreciate the power of the phone’s camera.

They took a highly detailed zoom photo taken with the Z5 and cut it into hundreds of smaller shots organized into five layers. They created more than 100 Instagram accounts, tied together by tags, that effectively let you zoom into any part of the original photo and find more than 50 hidden surprises.

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Sony then used 30 influencers to help spread the photos as part of a competition where people could zoom in five times on parts of the original photo (i.e. look at five of the detailed pictures) to find a secret code.

It was a highly successful campaign, with 17 million potential contacts.

Pepsi aimed to increase its sales at Walgreens, so they created limited edition packaging and the #SayItWithPepsi hashtag. They chose to target millennials, so decided social media engagement be the best promotion – even for in-store purchases.

The purpose of the campaign was to demonstrate that incorporating the specially-packaged  Pepsi emoji bottles – found exclusively at Walgreens – into your summer activities made everything more fun.

Pepsi used influential creators to develop original organic-style content about the 200 Pepsi emojis who then distributed the content to their Millennial-age followers. The shared content included original blog posts, photography, and branded video content. It drove the teenagers to Walgreens and Duane Reade stores to buy Pepsi Emoji bottles to help them have an exciting summer adventure.

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Pepsi then analyzed the performance of all of the content that these primary influencers had created and shared.

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